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Not sure what to get out of my stash next??

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I generally have 3 ship builds on the go at any one time and my Seydlitz build will soon be at an end so I can allow myself to crack open a new kit from the stash.  always a double edged sword, new kit start always exciting, but what to choose big head ache.


So I was wondering if forum members had a particular interest in seeing something built and help me choose?  would be interested in peoples views


this is the stash...


  • Revell Snowberry 1.144 Eduard big ed/eduard figures
  • Accademy HMS Warspite 1.350 Pontos
  • Trumpeter Prinz Eugen 1.350 Flyhawk/WEM etch wood decks, 3D printed parts
  • Airfix HMS Victory 1.180
  • Airfix Great Western 1.180
  • Caldercraft Mary Rose 1.96
  • Revell Queen Mary 2 1.400 gold medal etch
  • Italarie S38 1.35 Eduard etch
  • Deans marine St Olaf
  • Manuta Golden Star 1.150
  • Artasina latina Endevour longboat
  • Heller Admiral Scheer 1.400 WEM etch
  • Revell Tirpitz Premium 1.350 (Pontos included in the kit)
  • Billings boats Viking roar ege 1.50
  • Dagaostini Vasa
  • Pyro Gouda Dutch Man O War
  • Occre Revenge
  • Amati Greek Breem
  • Mirage HMS Zinnia 1.350 WEM etch
  • Tamiya Scharnhorst 1.700 Flyhawk etch
  • Tamiya King George V 1.700 Eduard etch
  • OzMods HMS Dutches 1.600 Atlantic Models railings
  • Airfix S-boat 1.72
  • Modelisimo Black prince 1.57
  • Amati Chinese Junk 1.100
  • Arasina. Latina Independence 1.35
  • Airfix Gneisenau 1.400 WEM
  • Trumpeter Type 42 Friget 1.350
  • Trumpeter Blucher 1.350
  • MJA A class Destroyer 1.700
  • Billings Boats HMS Renown

  • Model Craft Titanic scale Decks, toms etch, lights

  • Trumpeter Z Destroyer Eduard etch

  • Deagostini Sol Royal

  • Deagoastini Constitution

  • Billing boats HMS Warrior

  • Merit ark royal Very fly etch

  • Model shipways Long boat

  • Amati Arrow



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3 hours ago, Jase said:

Airfix Great Western 1.180

I would love to see this.

3 hours ago, Jase said:

Pyro Gouda Dutch Man O War

This is also a "Must see"

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Go for something we don't see much of, something pre 1900 would be ok for me.

When I get a block on what to build next, I get the 'boss lady' to choose 'cos I want to build everything.



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1 hour ago, Courageous said:

Go for something we don't see much of

Thats a good Point and I am getting a bit itchy to do something in wood again

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