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Pete's1/72 Sea Hawk

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I have too much love for straight-wing jets to not get into this Group Build.  I will be building this:








I'm very pleased that Suez Crisis operations will be permitted under the Group Build rules.  I've also ordered the Hannats decal sheet for Operation Musketeer, and I'll use the best ones. I forgot the kit includes a Suez option!

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Nice choice Peter :) 

A word of caution though; due to Egypt being outwith our geographical area of interest we are not able to cover equipment deployed within Op Musketeer. Anything that returned to Europe and retained specific markings applied for the event for a while afterwards is fine. 

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Ah, cheers for the warning Col. I certainly don't want to get into questioning the rules, because my lawyer is far too expensive 😁.  I was hoping being carrier based, this beastie would qualify for being 'deployed... north of Africa'?


Of course I'm happy to accept the judges' decision and I understand small wars are not really in the spirit of 'NATO vs Warsaw Pact', regardless of semantics.  If anybody want to help a brother out with some interesting markings that appeal (not that silly playing card that is the alternative FAA scheme!), I might be off the hook...  I'll get on with building and see what develops.

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The Hawker Sea Hawk was in service during a colourful era and there's a few decal sheets that can help your cause :) 







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