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IAF modified F-4 pylons

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I am looking for plan or sketches of the modified IAF F-4E wing pylons.


I know that they were lengthened in order to carry PGM.





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There is a very nice set of scale drawings in the IsraDecal publication F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF Service.   Ra'anan Weiss  2008   ISBN 978-965-7220-05-4.    


Also, there is a long out of production resin Israeli pylon produced by AirDoc in 1/48 scale that you might find on the secondary market.   


I am fervently hoping that the upcoming Zoukei-Mura  F-4E will include that pylon and the Israeli refueling probe.   Or trigger the aftermarket guys to produce one.

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Capital piece of information thanks.


As I am modelling in 1/72nd, the airdoc pylons are quite useless.

So Did anyone already done the conversion ?




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