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Showdown in Western Sahara - Air warfare over the last African Colony - Africa @ War No.31

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Showdown in Western Sahara

Air warfare over the last African Colony - Africa @ War No.31

ISBN : 9781912390359

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




Spanish Sahara and became one of Spain's last African Colonies. What is now Western Sahara was ruled by Spain from 1884 to 1975, becoming The Last African colony as by then all western powers had divested themselves of former African colonies. Following international pressure and more combat than has been reported Spain finally withdrew in 1975.  Also at this time in the region complicate things there was the war between the former French colonies of Algeria and Morocco. Conflict was often miss reported as Soviet backed insurgents fighting Western Backed governments, but as is usually the case it was not as cut ad dried as this. Certainly there was an element of this though there continues to be issues in the region to this day with repression of some elements of the native population in Morocco causing large refugee camps in Algeria.   




Such was the research made (though not all-encompassing that the initial single volume will be split into two. This first one deals mainly with Air Operations from 1945 to 1975 and brings forward some interesting Aircraft. The Spanish Air force until late we still using predominately German designs of the Bf 109, Ju 52 and He 111, with these being the last combat operations for many of these types. Them later being replaced by F-5s and even F-104s. Morocco as well as using ex French types such as the T-28, were using US Supplied F-5As and even Soviet supplied MiG-17s. Algeria were also flying MiG-15, 17s, and MiG-21F-13's. As well as the Air War ground operations are also looked where again equipment ranged fro ex WWII M2 halftrack to more modern French Panhard EBTs and AMX-13s.




The book is A4 softcover in format and 64 pages long, It is illustrate throughout with black and white photos. There one page of colour maps, five pages of colour aircraft profiles, and two pages of colour aircraft photos.



This book will give the reader an understanding of conflict in the area, and the forces which took part in one of the last throws of western colonisation. 


Highly Recommended.



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