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Miami International Airport Webcam

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Came across this the other day  - https://www.miamiairportcam.com/  -   24 hour 'live' webcam from Miami International Airport , I say 'live' because there appears to be a slight safety delay between the camera and ATC feeds and Flight Radar which can be brought up on the same page.


Camera has a microphone so aircraft coming into approaching on the nearest runway can be heard before they are seen , optional live ATC transmissions feed can also be selected as can Flight Radar either below the webcam display or on a separate page using the Arrivals/Departures links on the header bar , I have no problem accessing all at the same time on my desktop but my tablet is not to keen on handling more than camera with background sound.


Camera is located outside the southern perimeter of the airport across the road from runway 9/26 and pans from left to right and back again with the Freight area at the far left , duration of the pan means that some landing aircraft clear the runway before the camera pans back or take-off overhead heard but unseen , runway 13/20 angles down beyond from top left to bottom right and runways 8/28 Left and Right are beyond that and disappear behind the main terminal building.


Couple of fascinating days viewing seem to show that 9/26 is used for a lot of American Airline and affiliates flights along with Freight although there is a fair bit of other traffic as well , just saw an Air France Airbus 380 landing before starting to type this , filled the whole screen.


Word of warning if turning the background sound up  - there is a railway track and a railway crossing out of sight but very, very  close to the camera , almost jumped out of my seat the first time the bells started clanging and train started to whooo-ooooh !!!



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I have since found that on occasion the camera is fixed on the approach over the threshold and sometimes is used to follow some of the Super Heavies from taxy to take-off.


Other cameras on the same website cover Princess Juliana airport on Saint Maarten of the infamous jet-blasted tourists on the perimeter fence , links are Maho Beach Cam for the airport itself scanning left to right and back again although it sometimes zooms in to follow the Air France and KLM  long-distance flights on approach and SMX Camera which is located on a hill inland of the airfield which can vary from a long distance shot to closer in with the airfield filling the screen but sometimes diverts away to other events and areas on the island.      Everything from Islanders and Twotters to Airbuses and Boeings.


There is also a camera located at Juneau Harbour which sometimes scans around the area to include the seaplane base when it is operational during the season but at other times is either fixed on a single town view or cycles through a few town views for a minute or two at a time.


Most of the other cameras feature seaports in the eastern US and Caribbean and often zoom in to follow cruise liners and other large vessel movements although there is also a New Jersey wildlife cam with various  multi-coloured birds , squirrels , deer and so far only at night Raccoons.


All a great diversion from actually doing any work!!

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