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Hi folks,


Thinners should be back in a couple of weeks (along with key British colours missing).


House repairs have not started - we don't yet have a "valid insurance claim".  Because the insurance company has not yet accepted liabiliyy literally no progress at all has been made. The affected part of the building is still exactly as it was immediately after the fire. I am not a patient man at the best of times...

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I just now read about the fire (late as always Cookie), and so glad you and your family are safe Jamie. Wow, harrowing stuff and all praise to your daughter for alerting you - and saving the ultra accurate and delightful to airbrush Colourcoats paints.

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Hi Jamie, 

I hope things are getting back to normal by now.

Is there any more news on the ETA of the thinners and Medium Sea Grey? I have an order ready to place, but am holding off until everything I need is in stock.




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Hi Mark,


I sprayed lids for the MSG last night after day job - I *may* get them tinned up today or tomorrow morning. I think I'm still waiting on more thinners arriving but they could be here later in the week. Unfortunately I have to go to Hungary later in the week for 3 days which I could really do without, but hopefully by the following weekend? Maybe...


House repairs are unstarted yet for those interested.

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Hi Jamie, thanks for the quick response. I'm more than happy to wait a week or two (or three!) before pulling the trigger. I appreciate that there's a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes that I'm sure most of us don't realise.


It might sound strange, but I'm really excited about getting my hands on the thinners. I have come to realise that all thinners are not created equal and having had some weird results during the summer, (not with Colourcoats, mind) possibly due to the high temperatures, it'll be nice to get hold of something that works well. 


Sorry to hear that the house repairs aren't underway. That must be frustrating to say the least. Here's hoping that it gets started soon!


Thanks and best regards,


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