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British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours


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Ray Charles of 26 Decals and I got talking the moment the BA retro livery BOAC 747-436 landed at LHR last Month - with his website already advertised his plans to release his 1/144 sets of the BOAC 747 livery, Ray kindly sent me over a picture of his test livery in 1/200 that immediately tempted me to purchase a pair of these new laser printed sheets (one set as a spare just in case that nose wrap did not go to plan on my first attempt)


Arriving just a day or so later, the set is really very nice and includes all you need with the exception of the white rectangular bars that sit above the BOAC logo block on each side of the 4 Rollers. I am in the process of producing some white decals for these which will be applied above the BOAC engine logo. I could have masked and painted them but I felt it quicker to use decals. I have used Contrails resin 1/200 RB211 engines for the model.


All in all - I thoroughly recommend Ray's 1/200 decal set. The pictures below show her before I added the correct satellite pan and made some alterations to the top antenna placements. Gold is not a forgiving colour to print out in 4 colour process LaserJet so I intend also to produce my own golden Speedbird tail logo decals this week


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-16 at 14.56.34


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-16 at 14.56.47


Keep Calm and Bo-wac On...

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56 minutes ago, Eric Mc said:

Looking forward to seeing that in the flesh in the not too distant future.

club night next month Eric or at Yeovil on Saturday - it's going to both


see you soon - J

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9 hours ago, Eric Mc said:

It's over 20 years since the Landor scheme was dropped in favour of the infamous Utopia scheme(s) of which the current Chatham Dockyard scheme is the sole survivor. 

Which is a shame, because a lot of them were way better looking than the dull and charmless Chatham offering...



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I kind of like the Chatham scheme - which is not too far removed from the original 1974 scheme. I actually was not a fan of the Landor scheme to be honest as I thought it was rather dull and, well, grey.  And I thought that the Utopia project was ill conceived (to say the least).

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On 3/15/2019 at 11:04 PM, Eric Mc said:


Erm - there is. a definite date that the present BA came into being. That is the legal date of birth of the current entity. And it is 1 April 1974.

My mum was born on 21 June 1924. She is a direct predecessor of me. That does not make me 95 years old.


I love the retro schemes. But I'm not impressed with the pretence that lies behind them.

Dunno... that profile picture .... don’t look a day over 94.....  xx

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1 hour ago, 26Decals said:

 watched this from within a fluorescent jacket this morning - she is a real Queen. -x- I lurve her madly


Ray - here's your new decal set finished last night






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On ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 10:26 PM, hovis said:

what can be termed as "retro"?

It means It means backward , behind 

a style /fashion from the past (no time limit)


But don't walk around in 2017/2018  season's  shirt..:fraidnot:


It's so last year. :lol:

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