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Very occasionally I drift into a bit of Sci-fi Modelling.  I’ve been watching Lincoln Wright’s excellent ‘Paint on Plastic’ You Tube channel and this has spurred me on to have a go at a Ma.K build at some point but a built but not glued Bandai 1/12 scale C3PO kit turned up on our local equivalent of EBay...


So for not many dollars it’s arrived today and is thankfully as advised unglued. The seller was a Lego enthusiast who doesn’t have room for more stuff so C3PO got the chop and had arrived intact and with all of the alternative parts on the sprue. 


I fancy converting  him into K3PO the white Protocol Droid seen on ESB on Hoth.. 


K3PO is on screen for only a few moments in a couple of scenes..


The conversion is simple and is a paint job 

I intend to do ‘him’ in active condition without the blaster damage you see in the final scene...


Might he an excuse to watch ESB again for research...


here is what I have...




here is where I’m heading...





it would be good to light the kit eyes.... I’ll have a think on that..


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3 hours ago, AndyRM101 said:

Sounds like a great project. Are you stripping the plating or painting straight over it?



Painting over....


I think lacquers will have enough bite into the plating to adhere ok...

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Ok so the base primer layer seems to have gone down well and it adhering ok....







its got a slight off white golden hue which looks cool...


I used Tamiya Rattle can fine surface white....

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Base paint is done.. in the end he had a couple of coats of Tamiya Basic white primer out of the rattle can, then a coat of Racing white also ut of the rattle can followed up with a light dusting of USN Insignia White...


I debated painting the 'pips' on.. I can punch a mask easy enough and I also have access to some floquil Caboose red which I suspect it the colour on the 'real thing' ..  In the end I punched some decal discs out of some spare RAF roundels.. Which was a bit easier... 


I think they look ok and in proportion to the screen shot from ESB..




I'll let the decals set up and give the paint a good few days to fully harden off before I start some basic weathering..


Any comments or tips welcome...






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Hi does anyone know what type of LED works best for the eyes on C-3PO??


Im picking it’s a SMD type to get the size? Anyone have an idea or part number??

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I did a bit of  digging and it seems the preferred thing is a 0805 SMD LED.


They are available on EBAY for a few $.


That and some .2mm magnet wire should get most of the job done...

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Yes, 0805 SMDs are fine, go with warm white rather than cool white and don't forget the resistors.


The camera shows the eyes brighter than they are.



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