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Spitfire F.Mk22 Weekend Warrior.

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Here is my contribution to this group build. The latest boxing of Airfix`s classic Supermarine Spitfire Mk22/24. The intention is to build a Royal Auxillary Air Force Mk22 from the late 1940s so hopefully qualifies for this GB. Opened up the box this morning to find some sweets included! 


My plan is to use a Xtradecal sheet for an appropriate aircraft. Just a picture of the sealed contents as no doubt this is a well known kit...….




The intention is to do PK613 LA H for 603 County of Durham Squadron R.Aux.A.F at Oulston in 1949. 





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Some nice 'aftermarket' accessories with your kit Grahame :D 

Yes RAux.AF, just as TA and RNVR, units are good for this GB :thumbsup: I'm planning a 602 Sqn. Spitfire myself using the 72nd scale little sibling of your kit.

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Made a start on the Spitfire taking the fuselage and wings off the sprue. The cockpit parts were glued together using Roket superglue, something I don’t normally do! I was cleaning up the Quickboost seat to add to the armour back plate and dropped it! I then promptly stood on it and crushed it! Called myself a twit! 😟(Actually a bit worse!) Fortunately I had another in a stalled Hasegawa mkIX which I used as can be seen. 


The big propeller has been assembled with care needed to line up the 5 blades. Some photos! 



Thanks for looking and any comments. 

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Some more work on  the Spitfire, assembling the undercarriage legs and heels. Added the ID lights and radiators to the lower wing along with the cross blank for the flaps. Also the decals and a New Wear masking set arrived form the Big H. Next up with be some paint! The instructions say cockpit grey-green for the cockpit and silver/aluminium for the undercarriage bays? Is that considered correct? I did read somewhere that cockpits might be black, but was that late Seafires?


I have another same project lined up for this GB which I may start that next week......


Some photos. 




Thanks for looking. 



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