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US Navy Aero 12C Cart with Ordnanceman & Mk.82 (181148)

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US Navy Aero 12C Cart with Ordnanceman & Mk.82 (181148)

1:48 VideoAviation




The Aero 12C bomb handling cart is a wheelbarrow-style frame that has two rubber tyres that allow the manoeuvring of munitions on-deck by a single crew-member, or Ornanceman.  One or two bombs are strapped in place and pushed/pulled by the one or two handles that distance the crewman far enough away from the centre of balance to make the task easy (enough).  There are adapters available to carry other shapes of munitions, but in its basic form it can be used directly with the Mk.82 bomb, which is a standard 500lb bomb in use with the US Navy sometimes fitted with a fire-retarding ablative coating, and can be fitted with various head and tail units to suit the task in hand.




This set arrives in a clear clamshell box with the parts bagged for their protection in ziplok bags, a small instruction sheet and a front card with the product details and a shot of the finished model for reference.  It contains a single-handled cart, broken down into the sled, two wheels, two stays and one handle, plus two bombs that are made up from the front body (without ablative coating), and the high-drag fin portion.  In addition, you get a single crewman, dressed appropriately for modern deck-crew, with goggles down and his bone dome with integrated comms and ear protection.  He is in a pitched forward pushing position, with one hand on the handle, the other supporting the bomb's fin unit, and a man-bag at his hip.  The spare bomb can be set in the cart, used as part of a diorama on the deck or already fitted to the waiting aircraft.  The ordnanceman is shown on the instructions from two angles, with arrows pointing out the colours of his uniform and equipment, which should be a great help if you're not familiar with them.



More great accessories from VideoAviation, who don't seem to be able to make a dud (accidental bomb pun - sorry!).  The figure is well-sculpted, the model detailed as per the real-deal, and the inclusion of not one, but two bombs is good to see.  If you wanted to depict them with the ablative coating, just stipple a little putty onto the body for effect.  Also available in 1:32 here, if you like 'em larger.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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