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A Meteor F.3. Mostly Tamiya

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3 hours ago, Col. said:

Glad to see this project is still alive and well :thumbsup: A lot of time and effort so far but I'm thinking the worst is behind you now and the end result will be worthwhile.

Thanks @Col. I believe you are right. The trailing edge problem isn't too severe, I'm cutting it back a little using some chunky square styrene to get the width right then carefully sand to profile. It will make getting the rear fillet right for a Mk.III much easier as well.

I'm quietly confident that it will be worth it. I saw a Tamiya and Airfix Meteor together a while back and they just shouldn't have been displayed together (that from the guy who'd built one of them), at least they now look alike where they should. 


Best bit is that's it's fun again, I may even have an Easter egg to celebrate. 

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Yes I know the GB is over but I'll only accept that when I get this build finished :D


Now my shoulder has finally taken off the mittens I seemed to be wearing I've got some progress to show.....No really I have.


This shows my first Meteor finally looking like a proper grown up aeroplane. I had destroyed the kit cockpit cover trying to fit the Squadron vac-form canopy onto the unmodified Tamiya kit. This was replaced by some 1mm plastic card, filler and several laps of the fill, sand, prime, repeat circuit.



Here we see the same from the front with the part modified Sea Meteor for company. I've been at SleeperDad's place a lot recently and only took the F.3 with me. Now they are bonding again. So sweet.



Finally I very, very carefully removed the Tamiya outer wing panels from the Sea Meteor (yes, I'd made a mistake and removed the excess length from the same nacelle both times). The resin wings had an 'interesting' trailing edge which wouldn't be mentioned in polite company. Now they can disport themselves with abandon. The tape in the wheel wells was to avoid a mess in the bays which I would certainly forget to clean out before adding the detail. See I do listen and learn. 



Now all I need to do HA! is open the cockpit opening, find, then fit the cockpit and nose-wheel, then make the rear bulkhead and fit the new seat. We shall see.  

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6 minutes ago, helios16v said:

Damn!  You've got some surgery going on there.  Real modeling!  😆

I'll agree when it's finished :D Although I'm on medication for OCD there are limits. Seeing a Tamiya and Airfix Meteor side by side at a show showed something wasn't right. My next plan is to see the Cosford and Midland air Museum aircraft. If there's a difference between them my friend will spot it.

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