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SchG 1´s Fw 190A-3 Jagdbomber A flying over Russia


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This aircraft is available as an option on Eaglecals EC48-129 and 32-129. Both sheets come with a poster of the aircraft with too much sheen on the left fuselage, making it rather difficult to see any fuselage camouflage details.

This photo shows the contrasts between the RLM 70 and 71, and also shows the aircraft carrying a white-outlined Swastika, without the black filling.

I hope you find this photo helpful.


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1 hour ago, Graham Boak said:

I think this belongs to one of the Schlact Geschwadern rather than to JG26.  SG1 is the likeliest as it was formed from LG 1 - of which this was the badge.

Noted and corrected, the decal sheet also said SchG 1.

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