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M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35


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It`s an old Tamiya kit with Aber`s muzzle and Eduard`s PE set. Painted with Tamiya, Mr.Color, weathered with Mig`s stuff mostly. 
My first AFV model and I`m sure not the last - It`s been sooo much fun. I hope Sherman purists will spare me for all the mistakes I`ve made. The commander`s figure will be repainted - I`m not happy with the result. I`m also planning to make a base for it.



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It seems hard to believe that it is your first AVF, because it is one of the best Shermans I have seen around here, friend, I love how it has been, I would not mind having an equal one on my shelf.:envy: :D
I'm not a purist of Shermans, or anything else, but maybe you could change the antenna, something very easy, and that would be on par with such a great model.:goodjob:

Cheers mate 👍

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For a first AFV build that is stunning. Paint job and weathering are first class. Any mistakes are not yours, they are Tamiya's!! But it's still a reasonably good kit.



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That looks great! I really like the highly faded paint you used. It really lets the weathering show up nicely. Did you use mix olive drab with dark yellow?  


It looks like you caught and fixed most of the Tamiya Sherman foibles. If you're considering repainting the commander, maybe reposition him, so it doesn't look like he's ordering the tank to advance? The driver's periscopes are closed, so those two elements don't line up so well. But if the commander looked like he was just sitting on a parked tank, it would be just fine. 

That minor nitpick aside, the model looks fantastic. Your artistic abilities have really come through, and I hope you build more armor in the future, because you have a gift! 

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I don't know much about Shermans, but as a model is very nice. The one thing in your setup - as a "smoker" (you know, the dying breed), I would never leave my pack on a helmet outside. Ciggies were a high commodity in WW II, no-one would leave a packet open to the elements. And it looks like Vietnam War thing.

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