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Redstone PGM11

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Here's the start of a Mach2 kit I bought on a whim. I love NASA kits, and there's not that much available in 1/48.



I'm thinking of modeling the boxart, or the olive drab army version. We'll see;


Section halves were glued and bound with thick rubber bands, then I rotated the sections 90 degrees and cleaned up the seams.





Here I've marked out the Gantry connection points, and filed the sub assembly gaps that are visible on the actual rockets.




Here's the main Fins for the craft. I did my best to clean them up and get them accurate, but...



They just didn't cut it. So I'm starting on a scratchbuilt, more accurate version;




I'm going to mold the master and make more copies of the  main fins, I'll mass produce the rest.




Replicating the upper directional vanes.




Here's the exhaust, filled and cleaned up. The marks help me keep the insert aligned as I sand and fit. The black is carbon and rubber infused CA that helps reinforce the seams from the inside.



Get to the Choppah! Every time I use this, I hear Arnold in my head :). Using this to keep all the vanes the same size is helpful.




Once the vanes are clamped and glue dried. I use milliput to make the final shapes. It's easy to manipulate with water and a few clay tools. I'll get the final finish with standard filler putty. Original part on left for comparison.




Bottom half of mold set. Ready to pour the top.




Top poured after release agent and stubs shortened. The pour sprues will be expanded after its cured.




Here's the vanes and fins, drying and almost ready for final sand/shape.







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Some serious work being done here,looks great.

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Not much progress this weekend, cold temps kept me from putting a primer coat to assess my progress.


But... fins are finished and ready for cleanup.



I got most of the umbilical connectors for the gantry in place. Although they feel a bit over scale.






I'll finish up the small upper fins and hope the weather cooperates. The garage is sealed up tight, but we're in the 30's (O's Celcius) this week, so painting is probably out for the foreseeable.

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3 hours ago, markmcguire25 said:

cold temps kept me from putting a primer coat to assess my progress.

Texas eh? Tsk!

Good to see a bit of space history.

Men with slide rules and a mission!


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