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What's your day-job?

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19 minutes ago, cngaero said:

It's a small world. I've got a copy of your RAF Pilot sitting on my window sill. 

I found it a couple of years ago on a well known auction site beginning with "E". 

There are others in the range, although I rarely see them. I had to repair a northern Ireland police figure the other week from the same range. 


And solder together another 100 pilots. 

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For anyone interested, me at work turning some candlestick bases. I cast them and the last two had blow holes in them. 


Plus people were trying to talk to me at the same time. 


This is a job that needs a good eye, and you have to listen to the tool/job/workpiece. 


Lots of pickup (bits sticking back to the work) didn't put enough shavings in the mix when I cast them. 


Hope someone enjoys this. 



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I graduated as a Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry in 1985 and worked on the New British Libraray at Euston for 4 years before joining private practice. I worked all over the place on various projects (RAF Machrihanish, RAF Stornoway, Bingley Bypass, A16 Spalding until becoming a Partner in the business. Spent two spells abroad in Malaysia (coal-fired Power Station in Kapar) and Israel (new container dock in Haifa). Concentrated more on the construction claims and disputes after 2002 and had a hand in many a project gone wrong and settling stuff for my Contractor-clientele. 


Got to 29 years with the business and was bought out by an American Consultancy in 2018 to become a Veep (going from a UK consultancy of 18 to a global one of 1000+). For whatever reason, the US parent company decided after 2 years to pull out and closed the business making me and all our staff redundant. I just made it to 30 years!


I've started out on my own doing the same but am having second thoughts; I'm nearly 58 and the industry has changed; not much fun any longer. I may give it a go for pin-money (I got a good pay-off and the original money for my share in the business) to see me through and afford my interests. My wife still works.


I haven't modelled anything since 2016 as my work space is filled up with kids' junk (they're all still living at home at 27, 26 and 22). I've been concentrating on my other love - non-League football since, however with signs that at least one of them may move out, my interest in returning to the hobby is re-ignited.  Who knows?

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I was a programmer - worked for Sky TV then Nissan. On a break between contracts in 2003 I took a temp job working in clinical trials and I've been doing it ever since. I do all the back room techy stuff setting up databases and such like so the medics in the field can trial new drugs on people then get the data they produce into a fit form to present to regulators.


My dream job would have been using a floatplane to run an air taxi service somewhere warm - the Caribbean or South Pacific.



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