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PUMA landing in Milton Keynes Friday 11/01/19

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Hello, Folks. 


At about 10:40am on Friday 11th January, I watched an RAF Puma make a slow approach and landing to an area about a mile away from the Xscape Centre (AKA "the Snowdome") in Milton Keynes. I was watching from a car park close to the Xscape at the time. 


Does anyone know what it was doing in MK? I would take a guess that it could have been visiting a school, to promote armed-service careers to the pupils. I've had a look on-line for any reports on the landing, but no luck so far. 





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Could be that, or could be training. I know they do use a good amount of urban locations for training. The Puma would play a role for insertion and extraction of special forces in both the UK and overseas deployments and they are seen quite a bit around Henlow, Barton in Manchester and in London doing this kind of training.

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