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German Flakpanzer M42A1 Duster

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I’m going to start the first GB of the year off with something different for me an AFV!! After having so much fun building the ZSU-57 of the 60‘s GB I thought I better build something similar for this one. 


Enter the M42A1 Duster, I’ve always like this beast so here is the perfect opportunity to build one. I’ll be building AFV Club’s lovely model of this beast with a few extras thrown in.






Of course I could go past Friulmodel tracks, though these ones are a wee bit more complicated to build than the usual one. You have to attached tiny white metal nuts to cover where the metal pins go for each link! There’s two days work and lots of swearing covered!




That in a moment of complete insanity I bought the Voyager Model PE Upgrade set for her……little knowing just who intricate this set is! :doh:




Something like 4 or 5 hundred bit of PE to use, and most are the perfect size, as in microscopic  :blink:  for the carpet monster to eat! Dear God what have I gotten myself into!!!




 Oh well where’s the fun of a build without cursing and muttering……..so lets start the year at 11!!!! :yahoo:


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42 minutes ago, Colin W said:

You need to get your Tomcat finished first 👨‍🏫 😁





yeah I know...... with luck it'll almost be there at the end of this break, only a 6 day break this time, but only if I don't get distracted..... :whistle:


plus I do have the last 4 days of the build as well if I need it 

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