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Topcoat over gloss

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So I bought a automotive high gloss white for my base color on my 1:350 USS Enterprise refit and it looks really good on my test sample but my question is: can you topcoat a semi finish over a high gloss surface to seal the decals. Or will the top coat just flake off because it's on high gloss?


The primer is acrylic, the automotive paint is acrylic and the topcoat will be acrylic.

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There's waterbased acrylics, solvent based acrylics. The waterbased might not adhere that well to a very glossy surface. You can always do a test sample.

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As they say it’s best to test your theory on some scrap plastic first before applying to your model.


I’ve always gone by the rule that if you are mixing paint mediums, always apply paint in the order that has the most ‘bite’ first. Therefore a Lacquer based paint will happily take an Enamel overcoat, which should then accept an Acrylic overcoat as well.  Avoid going the other way as you may end up in trouble. There is always exceptions to this rule, however that’s my thoughts. It appears you are using all Acrylics anyway, so I don’t see the reason why your Semi gloss coat won’t stick to your high gloss. It’s what most modellers do after the decal and weathering stages on most kits. 


Cheers and good luck.. Dave 

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