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50s NATO v Warsaw Pact Reference

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I'm just chiming in here to point out these Bill Gunston books ("Fighters of the Fifties" and "Plane Speaking" are also excellent).  I've been re-reading them and they are so enjoyable, discussing the development and politics of this fraught period of hyper-rapid aviation development.



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Almost nothing about military technic, but many colour high-quality photo about life in Soviet Union, 1952-1954 years.

"Prologue. The Manhoff Archives":



"Part 1: Stalin's Funeral - The Manhoff Archives":



"Part 2: City Life - The Manhoff Archives":



"Part 3: On The Road - The Manhoff Archives":



"Epilogue: Spy Or Artist?

- The Manhoff Archives":



 The spirit of the era is well spotted on these photos.




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