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Hannants warnings about Eduard sets


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I was at Hannants site an saw many itens with the following warning :

 For example "...MiG-25PD/PDS Foxbat interior Self Adhesive... Now out of production. Only available whilst Eduard have stock..."

What does it really means ?

New technologies reaching on market will substitute the old line?

What is really content?

Was Eduard in trouble?

Was Eduard restraining the fantastic line of modeling-related products?






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Possibly it simply means that Eduard aren't making it any more?   Nothing goes on for ever.


Perhaps it implies that it didn't sell in sufficient numbers to make another production run worthwhile?  Only Eduard knows, although retailers such as Hannants might guess from the number left unsold on their shelves.

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It occurs to me that there are only two possibilities here:


A. This is a very cynical marketing ploy on Hannant's part to shift products that are just gathering dust (seems like a tactic that could very easily back-fire on the company, if it's discovered to be false).




B. It's pretty much as the Big H have stated and they have a number of "end-of-line" Eduard items that will simply not be produced again. I could well believe that       some Eduard sets have a built-in life-span, after which they will sell only in very small numbers. 



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Given the size of the Eduard range, they probably cannot keep everything in production. I am remember when another company was bringing Eduard in, they regularly were highlighting discontinued sets. 

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