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Nice pair of 1/32 Jug's

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After completing the second of the two P-47D, I couldnt help myself with the title of this post 🙂


This aircraft is 42-75242 which was flown by Capt Michael Quirk flying for 62nd FS/56th FG, Halesworth. 























Now the two Jug's together......






Jug #2 can be seen @ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235048871-132-p-47d-razorback/&tab=comments#comment-3234006

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8 hours ago, Vulcanicity said:

I do love a good pair of...P-47s!


Lovely work there David, the OD finishes are done to perfection. Forgive my ignorance (not my scale at all) who makes the kit?

Thank you for your kind comments, these two are made from the trumpeter P-47D Razorback kit. It's a nice kit and goes together pretty well, no major fit issues at all. 

I've gone over to using Mr Colour paints and levelling thinners, to me, these are the best paints on the market at the moment. So I used their standard OD as a base and then toned areas with four different tones, black, brown, white and a lighter green, so it took some effort but I'm happy with the effect. 

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:32 PM, gryphon28 said:

Really nice pair of P47s. They must be huge in 1/32. Are they the Trumpy decs, they have settled down beautifully? I have several Hobbyboss kits of various aircraft and the decals have all been great so far.


Sorry for the late reply first of all.

The Jug with the duck on is indeed straight out of the trumpeter box and settled perfectly, 'Tipsy' decals came for kits-world war bird series and settled down well too. Both decals needed a couple of rivet holes needled and another coat of micro-sol  applied to get them completely settled, but no real drama. 

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