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Airfix new tools for 2019, some like 'em, some don't

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Anybody want to entertain predictions for how many new tools there will be, not including the two already announced (1/48 Spit XIV and 1/24 Hellcat)?


I'm predicting 4 additional completely new tool kits, all aircraft.

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3 new tools I’m guessing Battle Lysander Hampden or Anson...


plus modified tool Hunter FGA9, Bomber Blenheim I,  Grand Slam/Tallboy Lanc , Wimpey III and possible AC47. 


the return of the Sea Vixen and Nimrod with different markings...


Curveball world....


1/72 Sea Fury

1/72 Anson C21

1/48 Chipmunk 


Im off my meds world


1/72 Percival Prentice 

1/72 Sea Hawk 


time will tell!





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Probably to early for the MKIII Wellington but I would like to see some more airfield suport vehicles from whatever era.

Perhaps they may reduce the Albion Refueller to the 72nd scale ?? 

Only thinking out loud but I would think they will go for totally new stuff to gain sales

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Good logic- the obvious choice would be a Luftwaffe resupply set which could be sold separately or tacked together with a new tool JU88... or HE177??! They’ve done the RAF and USAAF - in 1/72-  got the impression that the 1/48 vehicles didn’t sell that well? 

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6 new tools - pure speculation





1/72 B24 or PRIVATEER


1/72 F-35





1/48 HUNTER T7



probably all wrong - usually am (ask the missus) :( but a bit of fun


Cheers Rich

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Good evening


Here are my guess for New tools in 1/72 :


Tempest Mk V / VI

Spitfire Mk Vc

DH Mosquito

Grumman Hellcat

Grumman Avenger

Douglas Dauntless

Douglas Boston / Havoc

P 47 D Thunderbolt

P 51 B / C Mustang

T6 Texan / Harvard




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These wish lists / predictions remind me of the Airfix Magazine of the 1960's in which many letters signed off with a request for a particular subject. With a reduced budget and modeling time  in 2019 (due to renovation of a house) in some ways I hope there is nothing of interest for me tomorrow..


Just as interesting will be what is dropped from the current catalogue - there are a few items there I would be tempted to try and pick up if they are deleted, and also how the Airfix Classic's range will develop in 2019. There are certainly some moulds I wold like to see appear again for a nostalgia build.

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I'm still waiting for the ones for 2018 that haven't showed up yet like the RAF Phantom and B-25. And the Export 48th Sea Fury(or have I missed that??)

But I am still hoping fr a 48th Tiger Moth,72nd Harvard IIB, metal wing Hurricane 1(Well, you never know despite the nice Arma one....???) maybe a new tool Whirlwind helicopter..... new tool 1/144 airliners....

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Possibly see the start of some Aviation kits in their ‘classics’ range to bolster a rather small new tool announcement (Skyvan, F-80, Space subjects). Then a solid number of re-decalled new-ish tools that have been around for a few years (Typhoon, Spit 22, Doolittle Mitchell, Valiant). A few revised new tools with new parts (Wellington II, Hunter FGA.9) and possibly (hopefully) a small smattering of completely new tools such as a 1/72 Junkers 88A-1, Harvard/Texan and with any luck the start of a 1/48 Vampire / Venom family. 


I’ll need to be up till midnight tonight to see all my predictions go horribly wrong - but it is quite fun all the same. 


Cheers.. Dave 

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"Join us tomorrow for our 2019 Range Launch! Going live at 2pm on the Airfix website, you’ll be able to see exactly what we have planned for the coming year."







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25 minutes ago, Paul J said:

 maybe a new tool Whirlwind helicopter..... new tool 1/144 airliners....

I could go for some 50's choppers & re-released airliners but I fear such appeals will fall on deaf ears.

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I'm in that zone where I have no idea and can not think of anything to expect.


Flagship release for 2019 has been announced which is not a bad idea and I can see the Hellcat selling,


Vulcan and buccaneer would have been Telford still announcements.


So I'm expecting something good, but not outside of the box.


Hurricane MKII in 1/48 would be nice, we need a new one of those

Lysander in 1/72 scale

Too early for a Blenheim IVF in 1/48 I think that will be 2020

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Must resist joining in, must resist...


resistance is futile....  


OK here's mine



No cold war / post war RAF/RN would be a change for Airfix, so I could see either/or:   

1/72 Canberra B2 

1/72 Buccaneer S2

(of course, a revised mould 1/48 Hunter FGA.9  would probably count in this category too...)


Airfix do have a bit of a thing for trainers too so I agree:

1/48 or 1/72 NA T-6 Texan / Harvard  or possibly 1/48 Tiger Moth


They also seem to like the early war period so

1/48 Lysander 


The other major theme is WW2 bombers; might be too soon for a Hampden (after the Wellington) so:

1/72 Consolidated B-24 Liberator or 

1/72 Mosquito


We shall see... 


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