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Tristar Brummbar

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Here's my Tristar (now Hobbyboss) Brummbar. Put simply, this was an excellent kit with outstanding detail and fit. I added Atak zimmerit, ModelKasten tracks, a brass antenna and mainly Tamiya and Gunze paints. I've kept the weathering light on purpose to show off the detail and the zimmerit. I left out the radios as they blocked the view of the ammo racks inside. I 'googled' for ages to try and find a picture of this particular vehicle and as luck would have it stumbled across one of poor quality just two days ago when this was close to completion. I got the camo pretty close but now I'm ready to move onto something else. This was a 3 month marathon for me.

Thanks for taking the time to look.











More at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/Brummbar/brummbar.htm

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Looks great Tim. Weathering is just right and that ATAK zimmerit is the way to go.

All that work on those interiors and hard to show, not thrilled about that except maybe some of the 1/16 stuff,

bigger, easier to work on and big enough to see.


Take care,





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Really nice, the Brümbar is not my favorite vehicle, but I would not mind having this on my shelf ... lol.
The Zimm of Atak is really worth it, IMHO is the best on the market that can be used, apart from the handmade, by skilled modeling artists ...
The whole set is of a superior quality. :goodjob:

Cheers mate :santa:

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That really is very impressive. Lovely paintwork and the weathering is spot. And the Zimmerit does look fantastic! Very well done. :clap2:

Kind regards,


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I think that Tristar were very under-rated and it was a shrewd move by HobbyBoss to acquire the moulds.  Excellent kits and much better VFM in this case than either Dragon or Tamiya offerings.  Brummbar really looks the part with Zimmerit.  Afrer all, it is a bear and it needs its furry-looking coat!  Despite stick-on vinyl, decal and etched brass varieties I think that resin Zim is the only way to go for effect and the ability to modify and damage.


A very, very nice outcome.

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