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MiniArt 2019 Teasers

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MiniArt have a large 2019 programme in 1/35, but nothing that I would call significant and most of the vehicles are re-works of existing products.  Not forgetting that they haven't yet delivered their full 2018 catalogue, with none of the promised M3s being released.  Those are now shown as 2019 new items.


But in addition to the firm announcements there are 20 other new teaser items simply marked as "New Item" with no further information, including 4 items in a tantalising new WW1 series, 8 WW2 figure sets, 3 more "what ifs" and 5 aircraft.  Perhaps surprisingly, no further developments of their T-series: they have in the past indicated the likelihood of a Tiran 5 and there are many other possibilities.


3 railway wagons

GAZ AA with BM-8-24 MRL

T-60 ARV


2 more Opel fire trucks (different trailer pumps?)

Civilian Cat bulldozer version

9 assorted M3 variants including 4 Grants (2018 hold-overs)


SU-122-54 late (2018 hold-over)

BMR-1 + KMT-9 (Ukraine)

BMR-1 late + KMT-7

KMTs 5M, 7 and 9 separately


US fuel cans

German fuel cans

German fuel drums

Assorted WW2 fuel cans including British

5-ton gantry crane

Field Workshop eqpt

Construction eqpt


9 WW2 figure sets

4 modern figure sets: Russian, Arab, IDF and UK tank crews

3 civilian figure sets

Several older figure sets re-released as "special editions"


MiniArt 2019 catalogue here.


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Thanks for sharing. Good to see the us in rain covers set finally being released. This was announced about a year ago and I was wondering where it had got to! The new us and German figure sets look interesting to me.

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Yes, MiniArt seem to be taking control of the figure set market.  The 9 announced plus the 8 un-named makes 17 WW2 sets this year if they get through them all.  24 in all, assuming that the WW1 items are not figures, plus a bunch of re-releases.  I'm happy that the British NWE tank riders are back.  The last set I saw on eBay was £40+!


Their take on accessory sets is fairly unique and useful too.  Much imaginative stuff that no-one else is doing, although fuel cans are hardly innovative.


This year's vehicles, other than the M3s, are all essentially exploiting existing moulds: nothing completely new, although we don't know what the WW1 items will be.

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