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Modern Chinese Warplanes. Harpia Publishing


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Modern Chinese Warplanes


Harpia Publishing


The first publication of Modern Chinese Warplanes came out in 2012 and was acknowledged to be a superb publication with in depth analysis and information on all types and version of Chinese aircraft then in service. Six years have passed since that first release and the fascination with the Chinese military machine has yet to wane, in fact it is stronger than ever for both the analyst and the enthusiast alike.


In the time between publications the Chinese military has been completely overhauled, with a new command structure within the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, (PLAAF), and the introduction of a host of new aircraft, systems and weapons. The general structure is now a thoroughly modern system able to cope with China’s challenges and aspirations.



Consequently, this fully revised edition is organised in three parts: the most important military aircraft and their weapons found in service today; aircraft markings and serial number systems; and orders of battle for the PLAAF. The study includes the latest developments emerging from behind the ‘Great Wall', including the J-20 stealth fighter programme, Y-20 strategic transport and the latest developments in UAVs that are equipping a rapidly modernising air arm.



The book is filled with high definition photographs of each and every type and a lot of sub-types of aircraft, their weapons and systems. There are quite a few aircraft that I only had an inkling of their existence and roles. This pressing is so up to date that some of the aircraft have yet to reach full production, yet alone full operational status. The author seems to have had unprecedented access to photographs that in the recent past would have been unheard of from what was the Bamboo Curtain. Whether this means that the Chinese authorities are being more open to allow information like this to be released, or they are now supremely confident in their military and their abilities.





Like its predecessor, this publication is amazing in its depth of information of the command structure and equipment currently in service with the PLAAF, backed up by a plethora of superb high definition photographs. Gone are the days of the pixelated or fuzzy images of old. For the modeller this allows a greater level of detail information for the models they make. If you are interested in modern Chinese aircraft then this book is a must have, especially as many of the aircraft are now available in model form in most scales.




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Thanks a lot for this very nice review and for all interested - maybe some might not know me; I'm the author - here is also an animated preview available for this book (see below) which is part two of a complete set of directories for all three Chinese Air Arms:

Part 1 on the Chinese Naval Aviation:



Part 2 on the PLAAF as reviewed above:



... and part 3 on the Army Aviation will follow in late April 2019:





Andreas = Deino




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Hi Andreas


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm glad you're pleased with the review. I will look out for your other books.



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