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Simian Stuff Sudio Scale Spectrum Angel Interceptor

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Hi there!

I was going to put this in the reviews section, but It seems I can't!....................so i'll put it here...................!


While building My UNCL Fireball XL5, I became aware (thanks Kallista!) that there was a Studio Scale Angel Interceptor kit, produced by Simian Stuff and available through Kits For Cash:-




After viewing the price,and receiving a dose of smelling salts (Thank You Lisa!!), I decided I had got to have one!


After several trips to 'Stash Convertor' (Ebay!!) , I managed to gather together enough plastic (resin?) vouchers to acquire one!


I cannot find an out of the box review for the kit, so I thought I would put one up here so You can see what it's all about.


12" / 300mm rule shown in photos for scale.


The kit comes in a large corrugated card box with a nice full colour label on the top:-





A set of instructions cover the (not too difficult) assembly procedure, the kit comprises of only 27 parts, shown here:-






....and a nice set of Decals printed by Jbot Decals:-




I think You are getting an idea of the size of this model, the Spectrum roundels are about 2"/50mm in diameter!


Photos of the resin parts:-

Rear Fuselage:-



Upper and lower cockpit sections:-



Separate Front jet intake (handy for painting the hard to get at bits) ,this is  then fitted to the cockpit section,a close up of the cockpit detail, and posed with the nose section, which is re-inforced with a metal rod to prevent warping:-










Main wing panels are solid resin with interlocking tabs,and fit together very nicely. Panel lines are engraved throughout on the external surfaces, including the large 'A' on the underside which will make for easy masking off:-








The rear Ramjet intake is moulded seperately from the fin, to allow for the (supplied) aliminum mesh to be fitted into ready-formed recesses in it's underside, and to paint the areas seperately, before gluing to the main fin, a nice touch that will save a lot of fiddly masking!:-

(Edit:- After further research, it appears that these are not intakes, but control and braking outlets!)










Solid 1 piece tailplane is nearly 12" Span!!:o




Clear resin cockpit should polish up nice:-




Cockpit detail includes a nicely cast instrument panel and housing (no instrument decals supplied but should be easy to source):-




One Angel figure, nicely cast with separate arms and boots (:)), arms with 'Rams Horn' yoke section ready moulded in, and a clear resin helmet moulding:-




Ejector seat with finely moulded-in harness and full control yoke:-





Nose skid, nose-gear door and metal rod for leg, and wingtip main skids:-







the nose canard:-







No scale is given for the kit, but working on published figures for the 'Real' aircraft, it comes out at about 1/24th, 'Studio Scale' , Approx. 30" / 760mm overall length


It is not cheap (It has took a fair load off My roof trusses!) , but a finely made and well researched, and to My  Mk.2 (untrained) eyeball, looks pretty damn close to Derek Meddings fantastic creation!!


Very little work in the way of pour-stub removal and clean-up.


Oh, and I have yet to find a bubble anywhere in any of the castings!


I hope this  review is of some use / interest!


Keep Sticking!                 Cheers,  Pete


More in depth information here:-


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Hi Pete!

Thanks for looking in, hope You've had a nice Christmas!


I'm at an age now where I've got to decide which models in the stash I'm going to get round to building, so I would rather move on the ones that will not get built to buy ones that I will, plus it means that there is good chance I will be able to build more of what I have in.

I have always been a huge Gerry Anderson fan, and to be able to build some of the iconic vehicles that I would sit watching on the telly with My dad in the 60's, makes it worthwhile to Me to shuffle things around to be able to do models like this.

This will probably be one of the last models of this size / cost that I will buy, in the future I would like to be able to try scratchbuilding, I have even toyed with the idea of saving up for a 3D Pinter now that they are coming down in price, but I've had a dabble at the CAD software required and I find it a struggle to get on with,but I will have another shot at it.

I am thinking of doing this straight after My Fireball XL5 build, it should be a fairly quick build before I get back into My Trumpeter HMS Hood build.


Watch this space!


Keep Sticking!           Cheers,   Pete (in Staffs!)

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I picked up the earlier version of this kit at Telford in 2017 but wasn't able to build it last year due to moving house halfway through the summer and this is defintiely a kit to build outdoors as there is a lot of sanding required :) My version comes with the fuselage and wings already attached:




which he changed when it went to the new casters to make casting easier. I'm aiming to build it this coming summer and also hopefully finish off the Mobile they did a couple of years ago which I started but had to put to one side for some reason...





and of course here is my build of the UFO kit they also do from a while back





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