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Airfix 1:48 Blenheim IF


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Airfix 1:48 Blenheim IF -  Colours of L6739 YP-Q, currently flying with ARCo at Duxford. 




The Inside - 


To start off, this kit is fantastic by Airfix. Nearly everything is in there thats on the real thing. You can really see they researched this kit well. The instrument panel is detailed superbly with raised detail, unlike other Airfix panels that were just flat. The decals on the panel were also very well done, as shown in the photo they went on well and  the colours are good. The rest of the cockpit is well made with all of the main controls, dials and wheels in place. The two spars coming off the bathtub-like structure provide extra strength to the wings, all four fit very nicely into the allocated gaps.






The cockpit glass - 


Unlike the inside where everything fitted fine, the glass was a different story. To start with, Airfix indicate the wrong left-hand side canopy (there are two in the kit). If you look at photos of the aircraft, you will see the difference. The fit was dreadful on both sides, and if Airfix did the whole front section in one mold it would certainly better (but im not sure this is even possible with injection moulding?) . Maybe something for them to consider  if they are doing a bomber version or a Mk IV version.




The rest of the glass/ canopies - 


As you can see, my hand isnt the steadiest and masking individual panels wouldnt be worth it. Only after painting did I realise Eduard has done a set of masks. Bummer really. The turret came with a nice little assembly jig that helped ALOT  with the little parts. The turret fitted together fine and can just be slot into place onto the aircraft. Personally I haven't glued it into place just to add that element that the aircraft can 'move' . I also didnt glue the main wheels on, since the undercarriage spars are really quite tight on the wheels and they havent come off yet after a few days of me rolling it around. The tailwheel though is one solid piece, and strangely its one of the last things you're told to put in place (i.e not during the closing of the fuselage).


The engines -


IMG_8183.jpg IMG_8034.jpg



The engines could be a model of their own - the 6 part engine and 3 part propeller are superbly detailed and the first proper radials I've made. The propellers move aswell which is nice, as shown below.




No photoshop! Just some wind a slow shutter speed. 




All in all its a superb kit, and Airfix are really doing well with the new toolings. My only wish would be rivet details like Eduard's but you cant have everything.


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you joy through scale modelling! 


All the best,



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6 hours ago, IanC said:

 I really struggled with the 1/72 version and was hoping this one would be different.

I did as well on mine.  I'm sure others know better, but I can only assume that this method is the best that Airfix could design.


That being said, nicely done Blenheim, Olly!





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Thanks all for the kind words.

On 30/12/2018 at 09:54, IanC said:

Nice. Shame the canopy was problematic . I really struggled with the 1/72 version and was hoping this one would be different.

Yeah its not any better than the 1/72 version...


On 30/12/2018 at 07:41, exdraken said:


I love your turning props!!


Thank you! Just wish I had put motors in so i didn't have to cart it out into the garden and wait for a gust of wind 

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