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15 minutes ago, Stressy said:

My latest build. The Special Hobby Sea Hornet F20. More than a bit of perseverance was need to get to the end of the job!

Would be nice if we could see it!



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Nice job,..... did you struggle fitting the canopy? I ask because I found it to be a nightmare on mine!



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It's 1/72 and was hard work in general! The resin cockpit was too tight and the canopy could have been meant for a different model; I carved away quite a bit of the front or the fuselage to let the windscreen drop down into the fuselage, I also changed the curve of the rear edge of the canopy as it goes the wrong way when compared to the real thing. The top of the wing roots were packed out to reduce the dihedral. Once I'd got most things sorted a bottle of thinners dropped off a shelf onto it and split the fuselage glue joint along the belly as well as knocking a tailplane off - but that was my fault! I've a Special Hobby Boston in the stash but I'll need a few months to recover from this experience to be tempted!

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