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Another completion from my Airfix Therapy build thread and the last of 2018: The very sweet little Spitfire F22.  WIP here:

New stuff used was Mr Surfacer 1500 for priming and paint was Alclad and Mr Color: No vices beyond the traditionally badly fitting canopy and if you have any of these , build 'em you'll love 'em ( yes, I'm looking at you @Jason). BTW the concern for the lack of  pilots has led me to create my first in flight diorama which is here 


So off into the wild blue yonder of the photo studio we go! 
















Well thats my ninth and final one for 2018 and a hoot it has been, thank you all for tuning in and Happy Holidays!





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2 hours ago, SaminCam said:

Beauty! The last two photos especially!

Thanks you for the kind words,  Sam, I'm getting there with the photography, not as easy as pointing my old Nikon F2 at random strangers and pretending to be Eamonn McCabe!

1 hour ago, neil5208 said:

lovely finish, which alcad paint did you use?

Thanks Neil, it was Alclad High Speed Silver over Mr Surfacer 1500, the key is laying down a smoooooth primer. Check out the primer shots in WIP

1 hour ago, PlaStix said:

That really is a superb looking Silver Spitfire! Lovely modelling. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


Another endorsement from one of the master modellers on this forum, this makes Anil very, very happy.


Cheers everyone



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