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Kallisti's Year of bits and bobs

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Modelling-wise, 2018 has not been the most productive I've been - several things happened to conspire to make this one of my worst ever years for not completing things for whatever reason. I'll summarize the failures at the end of the post. 


The first completion of the year was in January and was a return to a favourite subject - Thunderbirds! 

This time it was a Thunderbird 2 and 4 from the new Thunderbirds are Go series, built from a Takara Tomy kit






Next, also in Jauary, was the ICM Model T Ford 1917 LCP Australian Army Car







Then was my fist 'big' build of the year, the IBG Scammell Pioneer Recovery plus CMP truck recovery diorama which was started in January and completed in March


This was pretty massive and did appear in Airfix Monthly Magazine in the show report from the SOscome DOwn model show






By April it was time to return to a build I started in 2015 for a STGB but never completed. It was the 1:48 Classic Airframes kit of a Meteor NF 11 to be done as a 5 Sqn aircraft which is part a side project of my ongoing "Aircraft my Father fixed!" as he was attached to 5 Sqn during the war so I decided to keep building post-war 5 Sqn aircraft. This had replacement resin air intakes and scratch built rear side panels in the cockpit which of course you can't see. The original kit had the wrong resin bits so I decided to scratch build before I relaised they wouldn't be seen!





Scratch built cockpit side walls:






Sadly the paintwork didn't come out all that well - I had problems with the varnish. I'm hoping that Airfix will release their own version in the fullness of time and I can have another go :D


Next was my favourite build of the year the AIrfix Javelin, which of course had to be built in 5 Sqn markings. This is a superb kit and I was very happy with the outcome - the vanish worked this time!!!






May arrived and I was into building RAF jets, so next up was the 1:48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6 which had been sitting in my stash for years. I used the Heritage correction set and a PJ Productions ejector seat and was very happy with the cockpit






and the end result turned out pretty nice in 56 Sqn markings







My final build from the first half of the year was something different again, a 1:35 Hasegawa kit of a Hitachi Zaxis 135US excavator





This is a decidedly different subject and was a lot of fun! I took a bit of liberty with it and changed from the Hitachi orange to JCB yellow






At this point modelling went into a bit of a hiatus as I had to move house and things didn't get going again for a couple of months until late August when the new Space:1999 Hawk kit turned up from Round 2/MPC. This is a completely new tool and was lovely to build







Then in September I began my second Scammell Pioneer Recovery build of the year. This time the Thunder Models kit and this time built in a post war civilian scheme for my clubs Telford table subject which was "Demobbed"









Another build that I rushed to complete for Telford was the companion piece to the first in this list, namely the older Aoshima THunderbird 2 and 4 kit










My second to  last completion for the year (so far) was a return to a theme I've visited a couple of times before, the old 1:48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat, depicting it as a What-if: Fleet Air Arm Tomcat FRS.1A, as flown from the CVA-01 aircraft carrier built in the early 70s that was named HMS Queen Elizabeth








The final completion was a 1:48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar GR.3 with 16 Sqn markings from RAF Coltisall, 2005







So that was the completions,. Sadly for various reasons including moving house, falling ill and other things there were more failures this year than normal, these included:


Airfix 1:48 Walrus for the FLying Boats GB which I got a long way with but due to a combination of crashing my car just before Christmas last year, Christmas and a vicious cold at the start of the new year got put to one side and has not yet been returned to. This was intended to be turned into a diorama with the Walrus on water about to pick up the survivors of a life raft.







Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel for the Great War GB which got so far in the summer and then left to one side to complete the second Scammell Pioneer for Telford




The AIrfix Girder Bridge for the Aifix: The Golden Years GB which was put to one side due to moving house and never picked up again.




I have one thing on the workbench at the moment that I haven't been taking WIP pics of, and its something very unusual for me, in fact I've not built a model of this subject matter before...




My one and only Star Trek kit!!! :)


I have plans to be productive in 2019 - there are a couple of large kits I need to build but will have to wait for the summer as they are resin and will need to be done out doors, for example:




and the studio scale SHADO Mobile...

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Fantastic collection of builds despite the setbacks. The Scammells and the Zaxis are definite standouts for me.



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Impressive collection for the year and, always, it's a pleasure to see your Sci-fi builds. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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nice lot!


the Hitachi excavator is the most outstanding too me... next to all the other great ones!

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One final addition for the year, 1:1000 USS Reliant from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan




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On 12/23/2018 at 9:10 PM, exdraken said:

nice lot!


the Hitachi excavator is the most outstanding too me... next to all the other great ones!


I've now started thinking about a diorama with the Excavator and the more recent tower crane... a bit of forced perspective maybe :)

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