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SBS - Falklands 1982


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19 minutes ago, Dads203 said:

Very nice rendition indeed, great DPM painting. One small detail if I may, the 44 pattern waterbottle top would normally be in a dull aluminium colour 👍

Thanks very much, I thought that to, about the water bottle top, but could only find photos of it been a green colour on the web ?

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On 12/19/2018 at 7:06 AM, DAG058 said:

Fantastic work! I'm with @Dads203 on the DPM, you have nailed it, I especially like how you have mastered it in the creases and folds. As for the water bottle, it's looks to me like he's just put a bit of green sniper tape around the lid 😉.

Good call 

2 hours ago, John_W said:

That is stunning.

No cam cream?

He is wearing some, will dig out a closer photo of his head and post

2 hours ago, phildagreek said:

Very smart work on that DPM, spot on.

Thankyou, quote easy to do if you work methodically from sand, to green, brown then the black

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