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A model from 5 years ago


Here is another Arup flying wing, this time the earlier -and smaller- S-2.
There were at least three different configurations and color schemes; here I am reproducing the one without the wheel fairings.

I have a great opinion of Bill Hannan and collaborators, my main source of info came via one article on Skyways magazine of January 1997, but I differ on the interpretation of the colors, and tend to believe, in spite of their explanations, that there were possibly three colors involved, red, black and aluminum. Just a personal interpretation, not more valid by any extent than theirs.






















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Some weird things, would have loved to be there when they made plans for these flying machines, I suppose a lot of smoke and higher spheres were involved. That windscreen is idd very weird too

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24 minutes ago, Gary Brantley said:

That is soooo cute, both of them actually!    Another "unknown" jewel from the halcyon past; please do keep 'em comin'!  😀


Thanks, Gary, and I have to agree: one would like to pinch that little wingtip and say "coochee-coochee" :P

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14 minutes ago, Gary Brantley said:

While watching that newsreel footage, a thought came to me.   Imagine that wing concept applied on a much larger scale, say a DC-3 or Ju-52?    In an alternate universe, perhaps it was...😉😀


Some scholars state that conventional designs are not necessarily the best for all uses, but more unusual arrangements would scare passengers and investors off. Look at Rutan: admired, but seldom copied or really mass-produced.

You know humanity: lowest common denominator. And we still have a soon-to-be ex-president (several, actually) to prove it!

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2 hours ago, Vesa Jussila said:

Nice, I have forgotten this one. But i wonder what was design target in original.

Thanks! I think the idea behind it was a safer plane, delaying the stall (at the expense of induced drag).

But hey, it flew like a charm!

1 hour ago, dnl42 said:

Oh, very cool! 


You cast quite a bright light on the Golden Age of aviation! 



Well, that's the general ebil plan! :rofl:

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