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German Tank Crew Afrika Korps (35278) 1:35


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German Tank Crew Afrika Korps (35278)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




Deserts are hot.  It is known.  What's also known is that metal when exposed to copious quantities of strong sunlight also gets hot, which makes crewing tanks quite unpleasant unless it is fitted with air conditioning.  During WWII these niceties weren't available, so crews got hot and had no choice in the matter.  This figure set from MiniArt contains a group of Afrika Korps tank crew that are stripped down to their shorts while performing maintenance on their vehicle.  It arrives in a standard end-opening box, with three sprues of grey styrene inside plus a small instruction sheet and sprue guide.  The painting and main construction diagrams are printed on the rear of the box, with colours called out in a large number of brands of paint for your ease.




From the box you can build five figures, each having separate arms, legs head and torso, plus two caps and three pith helmets for you to insert your own joke into.  They are all wearing shorts and canvas topped boots barring one rather louche gentleman who is wearing open-toed slippers whilst changing over the muzzle of the coaxial machine gun, seated on the mantlet.  Two soldiers are cleaning the barrel, while a chap with a bandaged hand watches, presumably on light duties due to his ailment.  The final character is exiting or entering the turret side hatch, holding onto it for balance.  Sculpting is excellent, and all figures are sporting six-packs from their efforts in the desert and general lack of excessive supplied.  The accessory sprue provides two Kar98s and MP40s, bayonets, a pistol and flare pistol, plus holsters in the open and closed positions, along with first aid kit, map case, binoculars and ammo pouches to personalise the crew or diorama with.





The painting guide covers Vallejo, Mr. Color, LifeColor, Tamiya, Testors, AK Real Color, Humbrol, Revell, and Mission Models, with the names of the colours given in English and Ukrainian.  Additional painted renditions of the accessories are also included for your use.




MiniArt's figures are excellent, and these gentlemen can be used to give your Panzer III or Panzer IV a little human scale, just make sure your flesh painting is up to snuff, as there's plenty on display.


Highly recommended.



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