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J35 Draken 1/144 (F-Toys+Shelf Oddity)

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Rarely do I post a finished build, but perhaps the amount of builds started would leverage that.... 

This Draken has been ready since about June, but other commitments (some of them can be applied as decals to 1/144 F4D, F-14s, F-15Es and F-16s - if one would follow the Shelf Oddity trace) stood in the way of doing proper photos.

The kit is F-Toys, sripped of the factory applied paint with the help of Wamod Acrylic Cleaner. Underneath the original paint you will see crisp panel lines, some fine details and loads of potential. The weakest part of the kit (or of all F-Toys kits in general) is the canopy.  Recently Brengun began to release vac-formed replacements, so this is less of an issue.  Gear doors in this kit had been replaced with prototype PE parts, some antennas added from the same fret, pitot and fin spike from Master. I scratch-built the main undercarriage legs, which ...kinda shows - I took the liberty of presenting only the photos that do not display this unwanted feature. Tail bumper-wheel were also scratchbuilt.

The Danish art of mantainence was the desired end effect:










RLM02 from Valejo used as base and Hataka Blue Line B025 Interior Green for extensive touch-ups. Selected touch-ups received glossy highlight. In 1/144 two additional layers of paint, applied with the brush produce some noticable bumps....

Some panel lines were accented, some smoke stains added (a little too much?)... The finished model goes like this:
























And well, that's it, really.


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Yeah, yeah. I know the title of the thread mentions the scale but without the minifig, I wouldn't have believed it! How on earth you managed a finish like that on something so, erm, incredibly titchy, I'll never know. Respect. The RBF tag and cable just add to the authenticity...

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