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Rescue Helicopter EC-135 LUFTRETTUNG Revell 1:32

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Finally finished this orange EC-135 LUFTRETTUNG Revell 1:32. Needs lots of scratch building to get it closer to the original, but model has excellent decals.

Anyway if you like EC-145 you better go for Revell Nr.4659.

Airbushed with Revell enamels. I like this scheme - EC-135 in orange looks attractive :)

45397673705_c9ebb7d357_h.jpg20181214_073238 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr

45397674455_84caee1550_h.jpg20181214_073224 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr

44493563400_165c775a3e_h.jpg20181214_073153 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr

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21 minutes ago, Antti_K said:

Excellent work Martin! I have one of these in the stash and the kit's lack of detail somewhat stalled my project. The finishing of this model is second to none, well done.




Thank you Antti,

Yes there is a lot of work to make extra details (also instructions shows how to make cable cutter which is missing in the kit) I have done Hellas system, cutted tail fin(was too long), made new deeper exhausts, lots of detailing in the rear sections (antennas, lights...) sanded all side windows tu curved shape(in the kit are flat) and basic changes in the interior and wipers and things that I do not remember as I started this in january :)

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