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Changes to Flikr

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The photo storage site Flikr have just announced that WIF Jan 2019 their free accounts will be limited to 1000 pictures. More than that and you will need a Pro account at about GBP 60 per year.


I use Flikr storage as a back-up for my pictures (which are also on an external hard drive), as a vehicle to post the odd picture to BM and to share with a very small group of friends and family.


In the past I have also used Photobucket but found it contained questionable adverts.


Family member who are excellent photographers swear by Instagram but I have not tried it.


Does anyone have experience of Instagram or any other picture storage site?


Can you post to BM from Instagram or should I keep the free Flikr account for that purpose


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I think this has mentioned in another thread.


Don't forget that if you have a Google account, as many people have these days, the Google Photos is free and is very easy to use. I use Google Photos and Village Photos for things that aren't that important, and for RFI photos I use Scalemates (which is temporarily down) as a photo host.


I do have a Flickr account but that's foe non modelling stuff.

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All of the above are image sharing and not really backup (although that's what they get used for most of the time). Instagram is more aligned with mobile devices and doubt you will have much luck sharing on the forum - but wish to be proved otherwise 🙂 Many pro photographers use dropbox. Others are OneDrive or iCloud etc., again these are about sync'ing/sharing data across multiple devices.


There are dedicated cloud backups, but likely to pay subscription for these services.  Nothing in life is free as they say, unless you want to be bombarded with adverts or personal data being grabbed.... just saying



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