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Mikro Mir AW Argosy 1/144


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Hello fellow modellers, 

finally there is this rare occasion in the  space-time  continuum when the  wife and kids are away,  I don't have to work  and I find enough will power  to start  a  kit,  so let's start  while  motivation is at max level....I think you are all familiar with the kit,  it's the...



i tried every possible way to upload the pic....does it work?

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ok, got some plastic stuck together!



I've got to say, that thing doesn't fit very well...

I will try to build the fuselage and wings/engines as separate groups, maybe already paint the engines,  I fear I won't be able to reach everything once it's all glued together...

glued some evergreen sheet behind the windows and will fill them with  milliput or something, the  clear  window parts don't fit the openings at all,  can't see how one can build nice&clean windows with this....





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I’m going to follow this with interest. I have the kit and decals to do an Air Anglia example. Like the MD11 the kit looks good in the box but having tried and failed to build the MD11 I’m not surprised by your comments about the fit of the Argosy. Looking forward to the next instalment.

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