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So, a few for me this year, first a small Ford Model T, ICM kit in 1/24 in a fictional livery



Next again in 1/24 a bus company service Land Rover, converted to a SWB and done in West Midlands PTE livery

WMPTE Land Rover swb Completed in 1/24WMPTE Land Rover swb Completed in 1/24


Next came a big build, Scania R hookloader, very happy and this was given cover on Truck Model World magazine. Massive conversion from a 4x2 sleeper cab tractor unit. The hookloader all works and you can drop, load and tip the skip!



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Now, my favourite truck the ERF EC, I managed to get 3 rare transkits and completed 2 this year, firstly I joined the Brit’s abroad group build and converted it to a Spanish export truck. This is a high Olympic cab, on air suspension rear axle.



Finally a low roof fleet truck, a local company that’s now gone. It’s on steel sprung suspension and a much more basic truck


Finally the 2 ERFs together 



Lots of build pics on the ERFs 



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