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Spitfire Mk.Vc "Overseas Jockeys" (48195) - 1:48 Special Hobby

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Spitfire Mk.Vc "Overseas Jockeys" (48195)

1:48 Special Hobby




The Spitfire Mk.Vc had a re-stressed and strengthened fuselage and a new windscreen. The C wing was known as the universal wing which housed a revised main undercarriage. The distinctive feature on the top of the wings were the bulges for the cannon armament.  Under the starboard wing a deeper radiator was fitted, and under the port wing a larger oil cooler was fitted. Additional armour was also added to the cockpit and ammunition storage areas. Due to the development of the Mk. IX the Vc did not serve on the home front for too long and sent for service overseas.  2476 were built mainly at Castle Bromwich  with others split between Westland's and Supermarine. Of these 300 in their Tropical guise


The Kit

This is a re-boxing with new decals from Special Hobby, the kit was originally released in 2008 and has been re-released many times since. The kit arrives on three main sprues, 5 smaller sprues, a clear sprue, a small PE fret and a small bag of resin parts. construction starts in the cockpit. The floor is built up with the rudder pedals, the forward bulkhead is added as is the instrument panel. Instruments are provided as decals.  The pilots set is then made up and added to the rear bulkhead. Seatbelts are provided as PE. Head armour goes at the top of the seat. The inner fuselage sides are added into the fuselage, followed by the cockpit section and the instrument panel section. The fuselage is then closed up.






We now move onto the wings. These are conventional with a one part lower and two part (left/right) upper. Different cannon bulges are added to the top side depending on which decal option is being modelled. The wheel wells are put in and then the wings can be joined. The wings can then be added to the fuselage, separate ailerons and wing tips are then added. At the front the lower engine cowling is added (again a different one depending on the decal option), and at the rear the rudder and tail planes. 






Now we flip to the underside. The radiator and oil cooler are added along with the tail wheel and an insert in the rear fuselage (used to cover the tail hook opening for Seafire models). The main gear can now be built up and added and for one of the decal options a ventral fuel tank. At the front resin exhausts are added (again two types are provided), one of two type of prop is added and the clear parts are added . Lastly the radio mast, pilot entry door and cannon barrels are added. 





There are printed by 


  • AB174 / RF-Q 303 Polish Sqn RAF, RAF Kirton-In-Lindsey, Aug 1942.
  • BS295 / CR-C No.1 Fighter Wing RAAF, Strauss, Australia 1943.
  • Serial Not Known. 5FS, 52 FG, USAAFE, Corsica Autumn 1943.
  • AR524 / White 5 GC 1/7 French Air Force, Tunisia Early 1944.
  • MH592 / G 1st FS National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia.






It is great to see this re-released with deal options you dont always see. Recommended.





Review sample courtesy of


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11 hours ago, Gekko_1 said:

No pics of the marking options. :(



Thery are not always done, it depend on the ease of profiles available.



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