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P47 Razorback - well used

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I was wanting to try some 3D weathering and opted to try Vallejo's Chipping Medium as the method.


Vallejo Chipping Medium


The subject is a 1/48 scale 1967 tool P47 Razorback from Revell.


Although, this build was really just something of a 'test-bed' for my weathering self-tuition. I liked the end result and thought I'd share it with the forum.





















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2 hours ago, Devilfish said:

Looks good! So how does that stuff work?

You'll find a couple of tutorials on YT. But it was fairly simple. Once you have your base coat, whether that be airframe aluminium, primer, whatever you want to show through, give that coat a coat of gloss varnish. Water based varnish worked just fine. When that is well and truly cured, thin the chipping medium with water and airbrush (a must) a thin coat over the areas you want to 'wear'. Spray your top (acrylic) colour and then give it 24 hours to dry well. Then come along with a stiffish brush, dipped in water, and agitate lightly over thowe areas until you get the desired amount of wear. Once you have the look you're after, proceed to finish as per your normal M.O.


I think it's a good product to consider if you are looking for more heavy weathering.

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