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Meteor MiG Killers

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Apart from those featured on our previous decal sheet, there were several other Meteors of 77 Sqn credited with destroying MiG-15 opponents. We have determined that there were four other Meteors which scored kills although in some cases it took a long time for this to be confirmed. 
So our latest RAAF Meteor decal sheet in 1/48 scale is MiG Killers Part 2, 77 Squadron RAAF in the Korean War. This decal sheet covers the aircraft involved in the actions of 29 August 1951 and 1 December 1951. This is a limited edition decal sheet designed to supplement the RAAF decals in either the Airfix or Classic Airframe kits. There sheet includes historical notes of the pilots and aircraft involved.

Sheet 1


Sheet 2 


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