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MiG-29 SMT Great Wall Hobby 1:48

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My favorite MiG 29 SMT version is often called "humpbacked".
This is quite interesting versions especially in terms of painting.
First, camouflage cut sharply
The second is quite interesting colors made with not the best quality paints. This causes quick changes on the surface.

Model as always straight from the box.


Set: MiG-29SMT G.W.H 1:48

Painted: Sikkens Auto Wave II

Decals: GWH set.



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5 hours ago, exdraken said:


Any chance for both SMTs together?


Unfortunately, I don't have photos of both, one of them I built to order, so it is located in a different base now. 😉

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Love this, wonderful, just ordered the Academy one in Slovak airforce digital scheme if I can get it anywhere near as good as yours I will be very happy.


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