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Moscow's Game of Poker - Russian Military Intervention in Syria, 2015-2017 - Helion & Company via Casemate UK

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Moscow's Game of Poker

Russian Military Intervention in Syria, 2015-2017

ISBN : 9781912390373

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




The civil war which has ravaged Syria for the past few years has been particularity brutal, and very confusing. Originally a civil war which spanned from the Arab world protests of 2011 it quickly degenerated into a multi level conflict. This drew in ISIS/ISIL fighters and neighbouring countries. Internally the struggle was split between different Muslim factions, however the inclusion of Kurdish fighters has drawn in the Turkish and Iranian Armies. Iranian involvement has drawn in Hezbollah; which in turn has drawn in the Israeli military.  It was assumed by many that the western powers would get involved primarily to fight Islamic militants, and this they did. American special forces have fought with the Kurds and there have been airstrikes from American and British aircraft. Then in 2015 the Russian military embarked to intervene in the conflict. A long term ally of the Syrian Government the Russians claimed though their intervention was to join the fight against ISIS. It is though generally realised this is a cover to help their ally. Though some ground forces have been deployed it is primarily the Russian Air Force that is involved. The Russian involvement and the internal view of the operations has boosted the popularity of the current leadership. 




The book looks at aspects of the Russian involvement in Syria. As well as familiar aircraft such as the Su-24 & Su-25, the book looks at the deployment of strategic assets such as the Tu-95 and Tu-22M3; and brand new aircraft such as the Su-34 and Su-57 (or T50 PAK-FA). The book also looks at the armaments being used. Although much has been made of new precision weapons being used it has become apparent the Russian Air Force is primarily using standard bombs and rocket a lot of the time on the population. This has further reinforced the view that the Russians are in effect providing Air Support to the Syrian forces. The book has over 130 photographs, maps and 9 colour pages of profiles of the aircraft and helicopters taking part. In a new feature the profiles now include a look at weapons loads for the aircraft. The book considers Moscow's aims, strategy, combat operations including target selection, tactics, day-to-day operations; and the way Moscow co-operates with the local allies.





This book should provide readers with a good look at the current state of Russian intervention in Syria. This is a complicated intervention to say the least and author Tom Cooper has gone to great lengths to source information to  give readers a good look at what is going on. 


Very Highly Recommended.



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