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Hessian Bags (35586) 1:35


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Hessian Bags (35586)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




Hessian bags, sometimes known as sand bags are a coarse material that is also strong and cheap to manufacture, which is perfect for wartime use.  They're also quite adept at stopping small-arms fire and shrapnel, hence their widespread use around major cities, military installations etc.  More recently, they have been replaced by the modern Hesco barriers, which are like giant caged sandbags that are more modular and cover a greater area with less effort in filling.




This set from MiniArt arrives in a figure-sized box, and inside are eight sprues in grey styrene.  Six of the sprues contain sand bags of three types, while the other two sprues have two different sized bags and a bag full of vegetables that are good for use in the back of trucks, kitchens and so forth.  The sand bags are made of two halves, and have optional tied ends that you can add for exposed ends of runs of bags.  The instructions show the correct way to lay the bags down on each other, with a corner "buttress" given as an example that can be adapted as per your requirements.  The bags are shaped on the underside to be laid out in an overlapping manner, and the bottom row have concave undersides to assist with bedding down on whatever you are using them with.  Overall there are 24 sand bags, plus two each of the large sacks, medium sacks and vegetable sacks, which should be plenty for most uses, and the extras can be repurposed as suggested on the boxtop.





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Hmmm.  At 1/35th I suppose that they could fit in to a 1/48th diorama, after all - how big is a sand bag -  although at 11 quid a tot, a bit expensive for something like this :-




Photo from P-51 in Action - Squadron/Signal 


Although it gives me an idea for something similar but simpler.

And as I prefer Alison powered Mustangs to Merlin powered ones.

Thanks Mike



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