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Airfix Spitfire N3162/EB-G, 05.09.1940 P/O Eric Lock

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Good day. I present my finished model from the company Airfix A05126 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I 1/48. Prototype aircraft of the outstanding aces of the Battle of Britain P/O Eric Lock Spitfire N3162/EB-G, 05.09.1940

Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 0.2


Gunze Sangyo H12 Flat Black / Primary - Screw / Blackout Effect
Gunze Sangyo H58 Interior Green / U.S. Army & Navy Aircraft WWII - Lightening Effect
Gunze Sangyo H72 Dark Earth Semi-Gloss / Great Britain Aircraft WW II - Camouflage
Gunze Sangyo H73 Dark Geer Semi-Gloss / Great Britain Aircraft WW II - Camouflage
Gunze Sangyo H74 SKY Semi-Gloss / Great Britain Aircraft WW II - Camouflage
Gunze Sangyo H 327 Red FS11136 Gloss - Signs
Gunze Sangyo H 328 Blue FS15050 Gloss - Signs
Gunze Sangyo H 329 Yellow FS13538 Gloss - Signs of Designation

Tamiya XF-2 Flat White - Lightening Effect
Tamiya XF-54 Dark Sea Gray - Color alphabetic code
Tamiya XF-57 Buff - Brightening Effect
Tamiya XF-64 Dark Brown - Blackout Effect
Tamiya XF-71 Cocpit Green (IJN) - Cab Color
Tamiya XF-76 Gray Green (INJ) - Blackout Effect


Eduard 49006 Seatbelts RAF WWII


Pmask Po48001 Supermarine Spitfire RAF 1/48. Very high quality manufactured kit, has both early types of characters and late ones.
The letter code was made to order by a colleague UpRise, for which I express many thanks to him. I recommend as a very high-quality manufacturer of masks and decals.


Top camouflage applied by hand without masks. I hope you will like it.


































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Thank you all, glad that you liked my model. Model from Tamiya still need to buy)) Plans to assemble Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Sgt. Josef Frantisek RF-R 09.05.1940

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35 minutes ago, Josip said:

Do all of us a favour and do another one from new Tamiya kit.

Interesting point - though I will probably look at the Tamiya Spit when it gets here - why is it that Airfix Mk.I Spits are getting difficult to find? Why are they not marketing it as a cheaper alternative to Tamiya? It is not a bad kit and surely worth Airfix marketing at 2/3 of the price of a Tamiya Spit?

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Great looking build! I'm new to the forum, so apologies in advance for any faux pas made as I bed in and let me know if I transgress any rules. I've recently returned to kit bashing since retiring and have an Eduard 1/48 Mk1A Spit in the stash that I was going to complete as N3162.  There's some great footage of this aircraft on The Battle of Britain Historical Timeline - RAF Hornchurch Spitfires | Facebook page. Interesting details here, like the numbers chalked(?) rather haphazardly on the spinner visible around frame -4:22 Question: Xtradecal's X72224 1/72 BoB Spit 1A decal set states that the undersides of all 41 Sqn aircraft were sky grey. I'm somewhat dubious about the claim. Anyone else have a view on that? 

I have completed an Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk1A representing P3153, a 56 Sqn aircraft with the moniker "Euthanasia" as seen in this Pathe News film. If I can work out how to do it I'll upload some photos 🙂

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Good day. Thank you for your feedback. I saw numbers written in chalk, but due to the fact that they are hard to read on the video, I did not start applying them. But this video is very interesting not because Eric's plane is captured, but because there are planes with drawings (head of an Indian, Pluto of the pilot of Ford). It is a pity that the decal manufacturers did not reproduce them. And also there is R6885 EB-A which will also be lost on 09/05/40


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