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Hello Chaps,


After building my Airfix 1/72 Vickers Wellington B.III and my Revell GmbH 1/72 Handley Page Halifax B.III, I decided that I wanted to put them on a display base to show them off, and, include the Airfix Bomber Re-Supply set. So, I bought the kit and did just that, but was disappointed that they don't include figures and Airfix have discontinued making their 1/72 RAF Personnel kit. But that said, a good modeling buddy from the UK sent me a set of ICM 1/72 scale RAF figures. This post just covers the Bomber Re-Supply set...still building the base and have yet to begin the figures.


Anyway, this was my first time attempting anything other than aircraft, which I have built since beginning modeling in 2014, so take that on board and go easy on me :P 


I have to say though, I really did enjoy building and painting this kit, the only problems with it were the maintenance gantry had a section of pole missing, due to it being a "short shot"- "non-fill" during the molding process, and, the box art shows both a Bedford MWD and MWC, so from that image, you're fooled into believing you get both vehicles: you can only build one or the other....then as mentioned above...no figures.

Okay enough waffling, here is the link to my Facebook photo album of all the items that come with this kit, hope you like!




And, if you'd like to see my Build Introduction, Build Updates and Final Reveal build series videos for this kit, here is the links to those, too:





Thanks in advance for any comments left and for watching any of the videos, much appreciated.


If you have a YouTube channel and I'm not subscribed to you, then subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below the video telling me that you did so and you're from "Britmodeller" and I'll subscribe to you, too!


Happy modeling!!



Martin :)🍺 🍺


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12 minutes ago, Spitfire31 said:

I don't do FB any more, so if you can't be bothered to post your images here, I guess I'll just live happily ever after without seeing them. 😉


Kind regards,



I can be bothered to post them, I did...a link to the whole album that can be viewed without being a member of Facebook, but if you can't be bothered to click on the link, then I guess I'll just live happily ever after without you seeing them and saving money not having to pay a photo hosting website.  ;) 



Kind regards,


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