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Pilot Armour Re: New Tamiya MkI Spitfire


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Hi all.


Been reading about the armour plate or maybe lack of it in the new tooled Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire MkI


I realise a lot of people will just fabricate it themselves but I was wondering if the parts from Eduards Etch set Edpfe152 for the old tool one would suffice?




Being a new modeller I would enjoy the ease of just clipping it out and adding it in.




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In short it should fit since the edges of the shapes really don't touch the walls of the fuselage.  The head armour section is nice since you don't have to deal with the slot for the harness, something you would have to tackle if scratch building that piece.  The other main piece is presented similar to what Tamiya had in plastic, and may be off a bit dimensionally when compared to drawings Edgar had posted a while back:









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From behind can see four bolts that must be the attachment points.   Top view can see a slender  L  shaped bracket utilized between the seat and armour plate but cannot say how said bracket is attached at the seat end?








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