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ATR fuselage dimensions


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Hello, I recently acquired an Italeri ATR-42 and I already an F-RSIN kit under construction. I know of all the criticism on the Italeri kit but I wanted to give it a try.. On comparing the parts though I found out a huge difference in the cabin section (not mentioning the wonky nose shape). I'm now just curious to know who is right: unfortunately all I could find searching around are INTERNAL cabin dimensions, which are very useful to sell the product but not so interesting for us modellers. Anyone would happen to know the fuselage external height and width of the ATR series?







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On 11/30/2018 at 9:05 PM, Whirly said:

Anyone would happen to know the fuselage external height and width of the ATR series?

Hi, Whirly.

I have some factory drawing. They aren't with full dimensions, but quite useful for you pourpose.

P.M. me your email and I'll send them.



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Hello, I finally found time to report my findings regarding this topic.

First these are the 1/144 scaled dimensions extrapolated from the drawings kindly provided by Eugenio: fuselage height is 17,6 mm and fuselage width is 19,1 mm.




These are the Italeri kit measures: height 18,5 mm width 21 mm






These are the F-RSIN kit measures: height 18 mm width 19 mm






Just for completeness I added the old Legato resin kit: height 17,3 mm width 19 mm






So, the best rendition seems to be the french short-run kit, though it's not the most buildable. The Italeri attempt is a caricature of the real airplane and now I have to find what to do with it...

Happy modelling


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Thanks for the update.

I've currently got an F-rsin ATR-72 waiting to be painted. I built it over the Christmas period and found that after a little bit of clean up it actually went together quite well, not Zvezda well, but still better than it looked. It's such a pity Italeri messed up their ATR-42.



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