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Zvezda 1/72 Su-33


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First build since...., let's try not to screw it too much.

I am, slowly, building the "stock" version, no eduard PE.


Cockpit is done. That's small, and yes I did had some problem with the side panel stencils! Luckily we can hardly see them.



Once question about the landing gear bay. What is their color? For the main one I guess it's red and grey, but for the front one?






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Hello Xav,

There are no reason for having differents paint scheme on U/C wells.

If the main ones are grey, so it will be the same for the nose one !

Welcome to the forum.

Nice job on th interior !



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Nose gear bay is light grey. I used AKAN 73059 but it was not exact match I think. Main gear bay you can already see are mix of light grey and red. Also the side of the intake adjacent to gear bays is painted light grey on some jets, while others use standard camo color here - check references of the bort # you are building. All gear bay doors, front and main, are red as well.

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The color of the landing gear bays varies. I have pics of an Su-33 with the same very light grey as in the pics you have above in the main gear bays but a darker grey in the nose gear bay. Most, though, are both that light grey. On my 1/48 Su-33 I just chose a light grey from my paint stash to looked close enough (I used the Radome Grey that comes with the Mr Color paint set for the Mitsubishi F-2A fighter). I think AKAN makes a specific paint. MRP too. From what I can see its a light slightly warm grey.

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Back online, very slow build...


I have a problem with the air intakes, with the "ceiling" exactly.

It will not fit or I have to push on it quite hard and it's the air intake that will not fit on the fuselage.

I guess I am doing something wrong but what? Any help?


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