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Fancy Mud Hen!

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Hi all! Recently completed 1/72 Academy F-15E. Rather than the usual all grey scheme, I went with a specially painted jet to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the 4th Fighter Wing. Lots of big decals! They are by DXM and printed by Cartograf. They are superb! I used MRP paint and added Aires exhausts because the kit exhausts are really bad.. Also added masking tape seat belts. Other than that, it was a fantastic kit to build! Thanks for looking!






























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9 hours ago, FAAMAN said:

Good lord that's spectacular, great work :clap2::clap2::coolio::clap2:

What's MRP paint (Military Reproduction Paint ?? Maybe ??) ?

Thank you! MRP paint is an acrylic lacquer that is produced in Slovakia. It is hands down the best paint I have ever used! It comes ready to spray in a wide range of colors. It is very thin and that allows you to build it up slowly to your desired level of saturation. It does smell and requires the use of a mask/spray booth. Here is the website:



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6 hours ago, Farmerboy said:

Great job, not only the build and paint job but to get those decals to settle down and fit so perfectly shows a lot of skill and patience in any scale!

Thanks! The decals are fantastic and made the biggest contribution! :-) I used DACO Strong decal solution and it really made the decals melt into the details. Highly recommended!



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